Tuesday, September 3, 2013

One Direction: This Is Us

Hi guys! So I probably should've posted this sooner but I just haven't had any time. Well, on Friday (August 30th) I went to see One Direction's new movie This Is Us! Personally, I loved it! There were many emotional parts that got to me but there were also parts where the boys were just acting like themselves and you can't help but laugh.
To the cinema, I wore a red blouse I bought at Sears and a pair of black jeggings I bought in GAP. The blouse has a black floral printed cross on the front and was all lace on the back. I wore a pair of black TOMS as well and my purse, that I don't really remember where I bought from is from "mark." design.
Well, I got to the cinema about an hour and a half before the movie started and there were already girls in line, sitting on the floor, waiting to be allowed to go into the theater area. My friends and I weren't very surprised really, Directioners go all in. So, as we waited in line with the rest of the public, we really socialized with others there and apparently made many new acquaintances. So as we were waiting, the movie that was playing before ours just ended and there were many people coming out shouting things like "It was amazing! and "You're going to love it!". As everyone is walking out, people began to run. I was thinking to myself "What is going on?" when I hear someone scream "LAUREN!" Turns out Lauren Jauregui from former US X Factor girl group Fifth Harmony was there. I met Lauren and got a picture with her. She was very sweet to all the fans that were surrounding her in the cinema and took many pictures.
Finally, now comes the time when they let us enter the theater. We sat right in the middle to get the perfect view of the 3D documentary. As we waited, once more, through all the ads and commercials, we chatted among ourselves and got to know one another. Then, the movie finally started and the screams began. Thankfully, the screaming voices lowered as the movie advanced but once a song came on, it was as if you were in a One Direction concert. Hands were being waved, songs were sung, and tears were definitely being shed. I don't want to spoil this movie for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but when you do see it, I advise you to treasure the moment because it's as if passes by within a blink of an eye. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and enjoy the movie when you see it!

 Also! Sorry for the blurriness of this picture, but this is proof of all the waiting in line, it was definitely worth it though. Most definitely. So comment below if you have already seen the movie and tell me about your experience. Hope you all have an amazing day! :)

Monday, September 2, 2013

August's Playlist

Hi guys! So school started 2 weeks ago and I am already drowning in homework. This playlist contains the top 10 songs that I listened to the most this past month. I listened to them while doing homework, studying, cleaning, basically I listened to them a lot. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have and comment below your top hits this month! :)
August's Playlist