Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monsters University!

Hi guys! So I finally did something with my life! Yesterday, my friends and I decided to go to the movies to see none other than Monsters University! So first things first, deciding what to wear!
I went casual. Nothing fancy. I wore a purple/grey baseball shirt with buttons, blue skinny jeans, and black TOMS. My hair was first tied up in a high ponytail but as I always do, I removed it and placed it to my sides. 
When we got to our venue we had to decide at what time to see the movie to buy our tickets. It took a while at first because my friends are always hungry so making time to eat at Johnny Rockets was a crucial part of our schedule. So we decided to go see the one at 6:20 pm and eat right after it was over.
My friends and I had about an hour to do whatever we wanted before the movie started so one of them recommended that we go to this Frozen Yogurt shop across the street. We gave it a shot and let me tell you, when you walk in there, it's a little intimidating. This is because its not like an ice cream shop where they have all the flavors up and you tell the employee what you want so they get it for you. Not at all. The employee is right in the middle of the shop in a circular stand with the cashier and all the devices she/he needs close by. Then all around her, starting from the left there are the containers for the frozen yogurt and then there are a variety of flavors of frozen yogurt that you can choose from. After you get all the flavors you want, you keep moving to your right and there is a whole stand filled with different toppings for your delicious treat. From fruit, to candy, to chocolate, there is an abundance of things to enjoy your creamy dessert with. When you have finished making all your selections, you go to the cashier and there he/she weighs your frozen yogurt and determines the price. I have to say, I would like to visit that place again, not just for the fro-yo but also for the chalk boards that they have for you to leave your erasable mark!

My frozen yogurt creation and my friend writing on the chalk board.
When we were finished enjoying our own versions of delicious, we headed of to Barnes & Nobles. This place is like a second home to me. Its full of books, games, magazines and it has its own little Starbucks! We walked in just to browse but then one of my friends said that she wants to find the book we have to read for school over the summer. Now, I also have to read the book but I figured I'd wait to come with my parents so they can buy it for me and I wouldn't have to spend the limited amount of money I have since I'm jobless. So we found the book and then something catches my eye.. I speed walked up to a stand full of toys as my friends watched me curiously. They walked up to me to see a big creepy smile on my face and a stuffed Dalek in my hand! They couldn't even get a word in before the word "EXTERMINATE!' was in the air. Unfortunately, the talking Dalek cost about $35 and little old me is on a budget.. So instead I settled for a little something cheaper that is based on my other little obsession, One Direction!
Its just a 2014 Calender, but believe me when I say I will never ask you what day it is in 2014!
Finally, we went to see Monsters University! I must say I was quite relieved when we weren't the only teenagers in the theater! I mean its quite understandable that the older kids want to watch a movie that has a connection to their childhood memories. I have been raving for this movie ever since the trailer came out and I really recommend it for anyone and everyone out there! There are many laughs and many climax points in this movie that are fun for everyone! I was really satisfied with what I had payed for when the movie had come to an end. I don't want to give anything away but Mike is seriously so adorable in the whole movie and Sully is just another chilled out teenage monster. If you want to see the final trailer for Monsters University click here. This movie is amazing and let me tell you the first thing I did when I got home was watch Monsters Inc. just for the fun of it. 
The movie ended by 8:20 pm and my friends were just so happy to finally eat at Johnny Rockets. We walk into the restaurant and seated ourselves. When the waiter arrived he handed us our menus and asked us what drinks we'd like. My friend and I both got water while my third friend chose a Coke. Then we all looked at the menu for a good ten minutes and decided that we would share a plate of bacon cheese fries (yum) and each of us got a Smokehouse Single, which is a burger with barbecue sauce, bacon, and onion rings. Everything was delicious! Most of the food was gone before we knew it and then when the bill came we decided to split it in three since we ate all the same. So for a Monday, it was a pretty good day just hanging with my friends and having a good time. Thanks for reading guys and have a great day! :)
Johnny Rockets Restaurant

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