Monday, November 11, 2013

Mary Kay!

Hello! So I know I haven't been on in ages and I apologize. So many responsibilities, so little time plus the fact that I have a procrastinating problem, hahaha. Anyway last week I bought Mary Kay's Botanical Effects for Normal Skin. My skin isn't bad, but its starting to become a bit oily and that is why I bought this to prevent that from happening. Mary Kay is a privately owned direct sales company that sells cosmetics and skincare products directly to consumers. I bought the Formula 2 Botanical Effects treatment which includes the cleanser, the mask, the freshener, and the hydrating cream. 

You start off by wetting your face and neck and applying the cleanser. Then you remove it with a warm wet cloth and pat it dry. The cleanser lifts away any make up and impurities and it leaves the skin feeling smooth and soft.

Next, you apply the mask, which can also be used as a scrub. Smooth a reasonable amount onto clean skin, while avoiding the mouth and eye areas. If you use it as a mask, you will need to leave it on for about 10 minutes and remove with warm water or a wet facial cloth. The mask only needs to be used 2-3 times per week. Now what the mask does is it absorbs oil where needed and hydrates dry areas, while cleansing your pores and leaving skin looking fresh and new.

After that comes the freshener which comes in a spray bottle. You spray it directly onto a cotton ball until it is moist. Then apply to the face and neck areas, again avoiding the eyes and mouth areas. Repeat this until the cotton ball shows no trace of make up or dirt. The freshener removes excess residue from the skin to restore your skin's natural balance and leaves it feeling refreshed.

Lastly, the hydrating cream. This one is simple to use. You simply apply the cream smooth on your clean face and neck using upward strokes. This cream quickly absorbs and leaves the skin feeling balanced, nourished and most importantly looking healthy.

So if you notice your skin getting too oily or too dry for your liking then try this and tell me if it worked for you. Thank you for reading! :) If you would like to purchase Mary Kay Botanical effects click here.

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