Monday, July 1, 2013

June Favorites!

Hi guys, so now that June is over I am going to share with you all of my favorite things that I used a lot this past  month. To be, honest I am really sad June is over. That leaves just one more month to enjoy summer *SIGH*.
So this past month I have painted my nails with colors like blue, black, white.. pretty basic but this basic classic pink Eternal Fashion Nail Polish has been my favorite. It can be worn anywhere. Doesn't matter if you go to a classy party, a sophisticated meeting, or just hanging out with friends. It'll look amazing either way. Also on the second picture you have my Aqua Rush Body Spray (left) from Avon. As you can see I used this everyday this past month because I'm almost out. It smells like.. well an aqua rush. Like you are at the beach and the scent of the ocean waves take over. Then, you have my Pantene Detangler for Normal-Thick hair. I, myself, have thick hair so I started using detangler to reduce the amount of knots I get in my hair after a normal day. I have to say that I did notice the difference in my hair and by the end of the day I had the ability to run my fingers through it :) I also have been listening to my signed Little Mix CD all month! The album is called DNA and I have The Deluxe Edition. It consists of pop songs that are mostly like old 90's style and they contribute with artist like Missy Elliot and T-Boz. There is also a cover of the song We Are Young by Fun on the deluxe edition and they add their own little twist to it. I have also been  using my keyboard more than I usually. I love making music with it, it really is the best feeling.  However, composing music is really difficult. Believe me I tried. I have some music that I made here and there but its nothing incredible.
        So those have been my June favorites! What were your favorite things about June? And don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin at :) Hope you have an amazing day and the best of luck in July!


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