Saturday, June 7, 2014

Welcome Back!

Hello! I know I've been gone for, well a long time, really long. I'm sorry. Its just school and family problems but its over now. Summer has just begun!
  Last summer was pretty eventful, actually it was what caused me to start this blog. I made so many memories with some of my best friends and I'm determined to make this year even better. To start of, I got a job! I'm excited but iffy about it because its a job, there's always a chance you can get fired or you just feel out of place, HOWEVER I get paid so that's something to look forward to :D
  Anyway, that brings me to the outfit below. For the job, I have to dress in business casual attire so this is what I picture when I think of 'business casual'. I'm really looking forward to this summer. It feels like a fresh start, you know? A chance to reinvent myself and just be happy.
  Again, I'm sorry for disappearing for so long, but I'm back now and I'm not going anywhere.

Business Casual

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