Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Top Ten Shows

Hello everyone! So ever since Netflix came to be I have watched more shows the past year than my whole life put together. I decided to share the shows that, in my opinion, are superior in plot line, characters, and overall production. Let's get started!
10. Heroes
Heroes is one of those shows that just make you feel what the characters are feeling. Its a shame that it got cancelled after just 4 seasons considering the fact that it was getting so much better. (WARNING: Watch at your own risk. I'm only stating this because when you get to the conclusion less ending you will die a little inside as did I.)

9. Louie
Oh my god! I love this show so much. If you love to laugh, I suggest you watch this. I always watched Louis C.K. doing stand up comedy so when I started watching his show, I was a bit concerned as to how this was going to go down. It can hit you as odd when you first start to watch it but wow, I'm so glad I did, it's hilarious and has a theme song that will be stuck in your head for days even if it does consist of only one word.

8. Battlestar Galactica
Dude, this show is awesome! The beginning starts off slow but something always happens that makes it impossible to looks away. My friend had recommended this show to me and I was skeptical about it at first but the plot was too good to not watch and the ending! Oh my god, the ending! I'm telling you, great show.

7. The Vampire Diaries
Now, if you watch The Vampire Diaries and you are all caught up, I know, I know. He'll be back, he has to be back. If you don't watch it, ignore that. Wow, I remember when I started watching this. I had started because I was just insanely bored and after the whole Twilight fiasco, I had thought that this show was sort of dumb so I was going to watch it to see what all the fuss was about and then I ended up watching the whole thing and getting caught up with episodes that were on air. The most recent season (season 5) was awesome and the finale was heartbreaking. I am a Stelena shipper people, but I still love Damon.

6. How I Met Your Mother
I'm serious right now, do not mention this show in front of me ever. I love this show so much, I'm so serious right now. I spent hours and hours watching this almost everyday and now that it had its series finale and its all over, I'm emotional every time I see it. THAT is how good and funny this show was. Nine seasons of awesomeness. It really is LEGEN- wait for it..- DARY! Yeah, that just happened.

5. Breaking Bad
Ah, yes! The classic, popular show Breaking Bad. What can I say? Everything that could ever be said about this show has already been made public. It really is an addicting show (hehe, see what I did there?) and the ending... damn, I'm really trying not to spoil anything for anyone who might be reading this, but the ending is the best/worst part, in my opinion. I am also a sucker for Jesse Pinkman.

4. Sherlock
The classic tale of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle. Benedict Cumberbatch fits the role of Sherlock so well, it's perfect. I'll have you know that so far there are only 3 seasons of Sherlock and each season contains 3 episodes. Don't pout though because each episode is about two hours so each time you watch, its like you're watching a movie. This show really is mind blowing, like you will not comprehend what is happening until Sherlock explains it to you, maybe not even then, but that's what makes it so popular. It makes you think and it gets you interested and that is what I admire most about it. Amazing show!

3. Arrow
Green Arrow! One of DC Universes superheroes. Oliver Queen, the other billionaire super powerless hero (just saying cause, you know, Batman isn't the only one), is Green Arrow and this show follows his story as he saves Starling City! I am so glad they made a show about Green Arrow because it is so good! The plot and cause-and-effects will blow you away. If you don't already know this about me, I am a geek when it comes to the superhero department. DC, Marvel, Capcom, etc. I saw The CW produce 'Smallville" which was a show based on Superman when I was small and I got thrilled when The CW begun making more DC shows like Arrow, Gotham(not CW but still), and now coming this fall, The Flash! I'm so excited, I'm positive it is going to be awesome!

2. Doctor Who
(I'm sorry, Peter Capaldi not pictured)
Yay! The show that has been around for more than 50 years now! What can I say about this show? It's unlike any other, that's for sure. It's the best show-watching experience ever! Trust me. Don't ever get too attached to the character though, don't do it! All the Doctors regenerate and all the companions leave in one way or the other :( They come back sometimes, don't doubt that, but they don't stay and you get to enjoy those moments with them there but they always seem like they didn't last long enough. I'm just telling you this, but either way you will love this show so much, you'll dream of the Doctor finding you and time-travelling in his tardis.

And here's number one.....

1. Supernatural
This is my number one all-time favorite show! Supernatural is now going into it's tenth season and I cannot be anymore prouder and happier. It's such a great story and you never know what to expect. I love this show with a passion and the actors are just great bonuses. I will forever love this show and I know some might not agree with my number one or the rankings in general but that's how I see them and give this show a try. If it disappoints let me know, I really doubt it.

So that's it. There's a lot of other shows I wanted to mention that didn't really make the cut. For example, there was My Mad Fat Diary, Prison Break, American Horror Story, One Tree Hill, Teen Wolf, and Freaks and Geeks which I just finished yesterday and had me throwing pillows everywhere because I didn't know they had cancelled it before I started watching it. These are all great shows and trust me, there are so many more. I hope you guys enjoyed this post and please comment your favorite shows or if you like any of these. I would love to know :)

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