Monday, June 10, 2013

The 1D Part of My Day

So guys, today was a little crazy. You see, I have tickets to go to One Directions concert on Friday and the guys already got here today at like 4:30 in the morning! Now I wake up and see all these pictures of them at the airport with fans and all that. Now I'm thinking to myself, how on earth did these girls know that they were coming today if they came on a private jet? Then, everyone is trying to figure out which hotel they are staying in. My friends and I are like frustrated trying to figure it out and its hard work! I finally find out which hotel they are staying in and an enormous smile creeps on my face! Turns out that my moms boyfriend is a chef at that hotel! The first thing I do is call my mom and confirm that that is the hotel he works at. And it is! She told me she would ask him to see if he can pull some strings and get me in and just having that little amount of hope to meet One Direction just made my day! After all the madness that I caused, I told the good news to my friends and the freaking out like tripled. Now we have these guys touring around our city and us wishing we had a car and wishing we could drive without annoying our parents. Well, for now our parents will have to deal with our shenanigans until we move out. Hope you guys found this part of my day interesting, funny, or you know, just something that kept you entertained. Hope you have a great day!

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