Saturday, June 8, 2013

My Day! and... CAKE BOSS!

Hiiii! Well, the weather in my city hasn't been the best this season. Yesterday I went to my brothers university to do some community service and work on their garden. The farthest we got to doing something is taking out the gardening supplies. It wouldn't stop pouring outside! We spent like an hour and a half inside talking about whatever came to mind just to pass the time, but when we saw that the rain wasn't going to stop anytime soon we just decided to postpone the work. I still haven't been notified as to when we are going to continue the work in the garden but by the looks of the sky and the weather predictions on the news, I don't think it would be anytime soon. I then spent the rest of my day with one of my best friends, Netflix! I wasn't sure what I wanted to watch and I was so hungry but as always there was no food in my house. So to keep my mind busy I started watching Cake Boss. One of my friends makes a lot of cakes and she had told me she got some of her ideas from the show so I was curious about it and gave it a shot. I ended up watching like 10 episodes and completely forgot how hungry I was. I would say Cake Boss is a great show! I only watched a few episodes but I can tell it can inspire a future baker, make you laugh, and if you're like me, make you forget about your never-ending hunger. If you want to check out their cakes and watch some clips click here. So that's how my Saturday went. Hope yours went well and have a good Sunday! :)

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